Mans best friend.

In the Ewing Dry Goods shop.

Today’s accessories.

Denim and leather.


More slubby inspiration. Like you need it! We’ve only got a 32 and 34 left in stock. Get after it, and get in that contest. Jeez. Photo via @hattiewatson . #snakeoilprovisions #thecureforcommon #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #rgtslubfaders #shopsmall #ewingdrygoods #jobstoppers @sop_mireezy @sopjosh (at

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Beaded Necklaces: Bear Tooth, Bear Claw, Wolf Claw and the Mammoth Ivory Cross.

A lil scoot session with Ruby

The Textured Psalm 42:1 Cuff.

snakeoilprovisions and thisnormallife with well over a year each on their Minimalist Belts.