Minimalist belt colors.

Into the woods.


Ewing Dry Goods: Walrus Tooth Clutch

Thanks for the write up my man!

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The Ewing Dry Goods x Loyal Stricklin Aviator Mug will be available soon


Ewing Dry Goods (Daniel Ewing) Juneau, Alaska (Day 2) Part II Late Post

Saturday - March 21st, 2014 | Location: Seattle

Our Friday night outreach show was well attended, and among the attendees were Daniel Ewing that runs, owns and makes to order everything for his company
This cat is passionate, humble and really creative, and all about creating with excellence, craftsmanship and producing product that lasts and is worth it’s labor. He’s a family man, artisan and loves Jesus and is all about sharing Christs’ love with all, not in a corny way most people think Pop Culture Christians operate, but as a genuine friend would, regardless of your stance or situation… Jesus’ love and grace covers all shame and is inclusive… that’s the life as Christians we’re to live, leading by example and showing others a love that most don’t know, understand and seldom encounter, especially from strangers. This dude embodied that, and made us all feel like long lost brothers as he let us into his shop (which rarely see’s outsiders) so we knew we got the family style treatment.
Thanks again Daniel and I hope to make some purchases in support of what you do very soon!
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Cam: Canon 5D MKIII Lens: Zeiss 85mm 1.4


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More Product lifestyle shots from last week

Shoot at the abandoned Treadwell Mine today.

Hard at work.